Paragraph on Mobile Phone it’s uses and abuses

Paragraph on Mobile Phone it's uses and abuses

Hints: Mobile phones—its uses—its abuses-diseases caused-environment affected benefitted by inexcessive use

The latest gift of science to man is the mobile phone. It is a wonderful invention. Though a mobile phone is not very big it can carry out a lot of work. Nowadays, the mobile phone has become so important and useful that a modern man cannot think without it.

It is a developed form of the landline phone. A landline phone had to be kept in a particular place, but from the word mobile phone, we can conclude that it is a phone that can be carried anywhere. We can use it for talking to any of our near and dear ones in any part of the world. As this phone is easy to carry so we can converse with people while in cars, buses, trains, or airplanes. Mobile phone is of great use to businessmen who can keep in contact with customers and also people related to their business.

Mobile phone plays an important role in case of any other serious emergency. It is also very useful to college-going students who can inform their parents after reaching college or if they are delayed elsewhere. Nowadays school-going students have also started using the mobile phone. Besides talking to others, we can perform a lot of other tasks through this phone. It is easy to click photos, listen to music, send messages to anyone, get any information from the internet, use the calculator for mathematical calculations, and so on.

Although the mobile phone is of great use to a modern man, it is also dangerous at times. It is very much risky to talk to people on mobile or listen to music by using earphones while crossing the road or driving motorcycles, buses, cars, etc. Using mobile phones excessively causes many diseases like brain or throat tumor which is caused due to the radiation of harmful rays. Plant, as well as animal life, is badly affected due to the signals sent to the mobile phones through the towers. We are greatly benefitted through mobile phones only if we use them excessively.

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