Write a paragraph on Your Parents

Write a paragraph on Your Parents

 Paragraph On My Parents

In ancient Indian sacred text there is a saying that three gods can can be seen with our eyes. They are the sun, one’s father and mother. To me, parents are not distant gods. They are the centre around around which my world revolves . it is quite difficult to measure my parent’s love and affection for me . Sometimes it seems to me that they simply live for me.

At times I find that they are much too intrusive into my matters. But I know that they can’t help doing it . It is said that we grow up by emulating other. I, too like to emulate my parents. I like to be as hard-working and patient as my mother and wise as my father. But I know that it is difficult to his or her parents. Yet when I shall grow up I simply like to give them my love, my love alone.

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