The Person I Like Most Essay In English

The Person I Like Most Essay In English
The Person I Like Most

Tripti Ghosh is my teacher . She teaches English in my school. For the last five years I am acquainted with her. As a teacher she is simply superb . She can make even the most difficult topics appear simple and lucid to the students . Specially when she teaches poetry she can make her students spellbound . But she impresses me most as a great human being . She is generous and kind and whenever she finds a fellow human being in distress, she comes forward to lend a helping hand.

I have seen her to sit by the side of the bed of her ailing students for nights. Another feature of her personality is her unique sense of humour. She is an excellent raconteur (talker). she can even make fun of herself. she is a middle-aged person but not at all conservative like most other women of her generation .

She can share views with her teen-aged students quite freely. I try to emulate this exceptional person in many ways of life but often find that her standard lies too high for me to reach. May be, that is why she is the person whom I like most.

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