A Book I Have Recently Read Paragraph | Your Favorite Book Paragraph

Paragraph writing on a book I have recently read describes what book you have recently read and what you love most about that book. If you are writing this paragraph in your examination, always try to mention a popular novel or story so that the examiner can relate to your story.
A Book I Have Recently Read Paragraph

Recently, I have read PATHER PANCHALI. It is a novel written by the famous Bengali novelist Bibhuti Bhusan Bandyopadhyay. The novel is about a little village boy named Apu. It is a touching account of a boy’s growing up from childhood to adolescence. The child’s sense of wonder, his curiosity, and his bond of affection with his near relatives like his parents, and sister are dealt with artistic perfection by the novelist. One can’t help shedding tears when one reads about the death of Apu’s dearest sister Durga.

The book gives a very living picture of the beauty of a remote village in Bengal in minute detail. One can hardly forget such a touching book. I also watched the film made by Satyajit Ray on this story. But reading the book is altogether an unforgettable experience.

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