The Caliph and the Ugly Slave Story writing

 The Caliph and the Ugly Slave

Points: Caliph of Bagdad loved an ugly slave-courtiers asked him the con-Caliph clarified passed by a town—a casket full of pearls fell down-pearls cattered about-slaves told to gather the pearls for themselves—all ran-the ugly have stood by the Caliph and said ‘My master is my most precious pearl’ -courtiers reply, ‘The slave is worthy to be loved.’

In ancient times, it was a custom for the kings and the nobles to keep up a number of slaves under their custody. Long, long ago there reigned a Caliph in Bagdad. He was very famous for his richness and wisdom. He kept up a cluster of slaves in his kingdom. Misbehaving and torturing was the common practice towards the slaves then. Contrary to everyone’s expectation the Caliph of Bagdad began suddenly to show love, sympathy and compassion to one of the slaves who was very ugly.

The courtiers got astonished at this strange behaviour of the Caliph. They had been gossiping among themselves about it. But no one had courage to ask the reason to the Caliph. One day, one of the courtiers could not control his curiosity. Suddenly he asked the Caliph the reason. As the Caliph was a wise person, he smiled at the courtier and later he clarified the reason behind his apparently strange behaviour. He said that one day he was passing by the town with a casket full of pearls. It suddenly fell down.

All the pearls were scattered about. All the slaves were asked to gather pearls for themselves. Everyone ran except the ugly slave. He stood by the Caliph and said, ‘My master is my most precious pearl.’ Listening to this all courtiers standing there got clarified why the Caliph loved the ugly slave.

• Moral : Self-devotion can only bring love./Love is always paid back.

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