A Monkey and a Shoe-maker story Writing

 A Monkey and a Shoe-maker

Points: monkey lived near a shoe-maker’s shop_observed the shoe-make work minutely—entered the shoe-maker’s room in absence-worked with instruments—shoe-maker pretended to draw a razor across his throat-the man goes out of the room leaving the razor open-man returned-found the monkey dead.

A Monkey and a Shoe-maker story

The essential nature of a monkey is to imitate. Sometimes, this nature gives us enormous pleasure. Now, we see what happened to a monkey who practised this trait. Once upon a time a monkey lived on a tree which was adjacent to a shoe-maker s shop. During day time, the monkey observed each and every work of the shoe-maker minutely. When the shoe-maker went out for a short while for his personal business, the monkey got down from the tree and entered into the shop. It tried to imitate all the works with the instruments as they were done by the shoe-maker.

As a result some instruments and raw materials were damaged regularly. It caused financial loss to the shoe-maker. It often disturbed the works of the shoe-maker a lot. But the shoe-maker could not do anything to the monkey as it remained always out of reach of him. Whenever it saw the shoe-maker coming back it slipped out of the shop and climbed the tree swiftly. Being disappointed, one day, the shoe-maker thought of a plan to punish the monkey for its making nuisance. He noticed the imitative nature of the monkey and thought to utilize it. He took out a sharp razor and pretended to draw it across his throat. Then, he went out leaving the razor there. The monkey noticed it minutely. As the shoe-maker went out, the monkey came down immediately and practised the action with the sharp-razor. It cut off the throat of the monkey. After some time, the shoe-maker returned to his shop and found that the monkey was lying dead.

• Moral : Intelligence is the best weapon./Too much curiosity is not good.

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