A Blind Old Lady and a Doctor story writing | Write a short story using the following hints and give a moral story


A Blind Old Lady and a Doctor

Points: Old lady lost eyesight-doctor called in—he comes daily-longs for the lady’s furniture—secretly removes the furniture one by one-announces that the lady is cured and claims fees—lady disagrees to pay-doctor sues-old lady says she was not cured for she could not see any of her furniture in her house as she saw before doctor punished.

A Blind Old Lady and a Doctor story writing


Some years ago an old lady lived alone in a city. She had no one to look after her except a few servants. With the passing of time she lost her eyesight one day. Though she lived alone she had many valuable items like furniture in her great house. One day she decided to call in a doctor for the treatment of her blindness. The doctor came to meet the blind old lady and agreed to treat the blindness for a lot of money. The ola lady agreed to pay the amount. The doctor began his treatment from the next day. Du the doctor was greedy enough and longed for the valuable furniture.

Everyday, the doctor used to come to the house to treat the old lady and removed the valuable furniture one by one, day after day. Under the treatment of the doctor, the vision of the old lady began to be better day by day. After a few months or so the old lady got back her complete vision. But alas ! The lady could not see the valuable furniture which were in her rooms before. Finally, the doctor demanded his fees for treatment and the old lady disagreed to pay it at once.

The doctor got annoyed and finally went to a judge for justice. The judge called in the old lady in time of trial and asked the reason for not giving the contractual fees for the doctor. But the lady said that the doctor could not cure her at all. Everyone present there got astonished listening this and the doctor said that the lady was telling a lie. But the lady said that she felt she was not cured at all for she could not see the valuable furniture anymore in her rooms. The judge being wise, understood the whole matter and punished the doctor as his judgement.

Moral : Tit for tat.

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