Report Writing On Road Accident With PDF

If you are looking for how to write a report on road accident in english then this post is for yours.  A report on a road accident should provide a clear idea of the account of the accident, including the circumstances surrounding it, the damages and injuries sustained, and any other relevant information.

Here is an example of report writing on a road accident. Before starting the report writing make sure that you have a clear idea about the cause of accident casualty.

Report Writing On Road Accident

The following report writing on road accidents is written based on the following points:

Introduction – Description of the accident – Damages and injuries – Causes of the accident – Recommendations – Conclusion

Title: The Heavy-load Truck accident In Kalyani

On 12 January 2023, A heavily loaded truck accident occurred on the main street. The car driver, Mr. Arindam Biswas, lost control of the car and crashed into an electric pole on the side of the road. Mr. Arindam, along with the other two co-drivers, sustained injuries in the accident and were transported to the nearest state general hospital.

According to the witness accounts, The truck was speeding as it tried to turn back. It lost control and went straight out of the road, and struck the electric pole. The collision caused significant damage to the front of the vehicle.

The driver of the truck, Mr. Arindam, sustained a broken arm and multiple lacerations in the accident. And the other two co-drivers also suffered serious damage to their heads and chests. All the drivers are admitted to the hospital, and their treatment is ongoing. The doctor told them that they were now out of danger.

The primary investigation revealed that the main cause of the accident was speeding, which was the complete fault of the driver.

To prevent such accidents in the future, we recommend creating a checkpoint on the road and installing a speed check-in system. In addition, we recommend that drivers be reminded to remain alert and cautious when driving through areas with high traffic.

The heavy-load truck accident On Kalyani main street on 12 January occurred by a driver error. Mr. Arindam and the other two drivers suffered a major health injury. To prevent such accidents in the future, we need to create more checkpoints. and implement strict traffic rules.

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