PRÉCIS Writing on: Attitude defines a man

 PASSAGE: There are men who just resign themselves to whatever comes—they say it was destined or it was so fated. This is a defeatist’s attitude. Obviously there are turns of fortune and our lives are sometimes determined by them. But efforts and not fortune can change life consistently. The will of a man can move mountains. Strong-willed men do not succumb or surrender but go on fighting. A man should not lose faith in his abilities. Self-confidence and self-reliance are two features that determine the true character of an individual. A man who possesses these qualities finds that nothing is impossible for him. At the same time, misfortunes test a man’s courage, ready wit and endurance. These are qualities that turn dusk into dawn. The proverb truly says: ‘God helps those who help themselves’. So man is the maker of his own fortune and he should, therefore, take up a life of intense activity. A successful man prefers to persevere rather than give up and retire. [160 words approx]

PRÉCIS Title: Attitude defines a man 

Man is known by his attitude. To blame one’s misfortune on fate is to accept defeat. A man with a strong will can change his fortune by his efforts. A self-confident and self-reliant man does not surrender to unfavourable circumstances around him. In fact, adversities are true tests of character. So, a successful man always continues to work despite all odds.[56 words approx]

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