PRÉCIS Writing on: Honesty is the best policy

PASSAGE: To be honest in thoughts, to be honest in deeds and policies-is the guiding principle of our lives. ‘Policy here does not mean any diplomatic action. The simple meaning of policy here is the way of behaviour and action. Honesty gives man great moral courage. He feels a confidence from within and progresses fearlessly in his mission. No one can raise a finger against his deeds because he is honest. His head is held high and his mind is fearless. He keeps his allegiance clear and his bosom franchised.

He becomes a man of clear conscience by virtue of his honesty. The great preachers of the world instruct us never to tell lies, never to hide anything, never to deceive, never to cheat anyone. An honest man puts these principles in practice and is loved and revered by all. Common people do not get a chance to criticize such a man. The difficult journey of life becomes easy as the track of honesty is followed. So honesty is the best policy in our lives.[165 words]

PRÉCIS Title: Honesty is the best policy 

Honesty is the best policy in life. An honest man can keep his conscience clear and no one can raise questions against him. He is bound to be successful in his aim as he feels confident. Great people have always advocated and practised honesty. The journey of life becomes much easier when a man follows the path of honesty.[57 words]

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