PRÉCIS writing on: Relevance of science

 PASSAGE: Charlie Chaplin once said, “In this age of scientific inventions, we think too much, we feel too little.” Science boosts up the modern craze for material prosperity. It has revolutionized our lives. It has made life more comfortable with various amenities. It is undoubtedly the driving force behind any human excellence. But it kills the soul of a man. Our skills and habits are changed by science. Excessive mechanization brings unhappiness because human faculties are slighted. A person starts believing that machines will do all for him, and this tendency becomes fatal in this high-tech world. But none can doubt that science has helped us to discover the hidden truth in nature. Can we ever imagine the modern age without computers, lasers, antibiotics, bio-technology or different electronic gadgets? That is why it is said that science gives knowledge and power but not wisdom.[160 words approx]

PRÉCIS Title: Relevance of science 

Science has both good and bad effects. It has changed man’s life and has made it more comfortable. However, excessive mechanization kills human souls. Men become dependent on machines and become negligent of their faculties. But science has helped human beings to understand nature’s truth and so empowers them. However science does not provide wisdom. [54 words]

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