Mobile Lost Complaint Letter to Police With Example: Reporting and Recovery Guide

Have you lost your mobile phone? Looking for Mobile Lost Complaint Letter to Police then this post is for you.

This can be a traumatic experience, as your mobile phone contains all your personal data. If it goes into the wrong hands, your data can be misused.
The first thing you need to do is file a police complaint after you lose your mobile phone, and here in this post, you will find a complete guide on how to write a police complaint letter when you lose your mobile phone.

Your Complaint Letter Must Contain The Following Points:

  • Details of the Incident
  • Description of the Mobile Phone
  • Location and Time of Loss
  • Request for Immediate Action
  • Additional Contact Information
  • Conclusion

Mobile Lost Complaint Letter to the Police Example

[Police Station Name]
[Police Station Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Subject: Mobile Lost Complaint

Dear Sir,
With due respect, I am writing to you to file a complaint regarding the loss of my mobile phone. On August 25, near Kaliaganj railway station, I lost my mobile phone.

In the evening, while I was waiting for my train to be onboard, I kept my bag beside me, and the mobile was inside my bag. Suddenly, I turned around and discovered that my mobile phone was missing. I tried my best to locate it but failed. I suspect that my phone has been stolen.

Description of a mobile phone
It was an iPhone 14 Pro Max in gray with a transparent back cover. The IMEI number of the mobile phone was 190000.

I kindly request the police authority to thoroughly investigate and assist me in locating my mobile phone. The phone contains personal information and valuable data, and I am scared of possible misuse.

In case of any further information or investigation-related queries, feel free to connect with me by

I am hopeful for your effort and possible outcome. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]

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