Write a Paragraph On Your Favourite Festival | Your Favourite Festival Essay

Question:  Write a paragraph on your favourite festival with the help of the following points:

Points: Your favourite festival – when held duration – how it is celebrated – its significance

My Favourite Festival


write a paragraph on your favourite festival


In our drab and dull life, festivals add a new colour, develop a sense of togetherness and enthuse people. Among the festivals of Bengal, I like Durga Puja most of all. It is observed in autumn and is the greatest festival of the Bengalees. The Durga Ma is the epitome of power and peace. The festival lasts for four days and is celebrated with pomp and ceremony. People throng the well-decorated puja pandals in new clothes to get a glimpse of the idols. On the final or fourth day the idols are immersed in the river. We feel sad and wait eagerly for the next puja to come.

The significance of a festival like Durga Puja is immense. The pujas are the time for social get-togethers. Schools and colleges remain closed for many days during the puja. People of different religions join in this puja and a wonderful bond of amity and unity grows among all.

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