Q: Write down a short story (in about 150 words) with the help of the following points. Give a title to your story.

Midas, a king-extreme greed for gold-prayed to God a boon that whatever he would touch would turn into gold—God granted his prayer-food and drinks turned into gold—the only daughter turned into gold—prayed to God to take back the cursed boon-happy again.


Long ago, there was a king named Midas. He loved only two things on earth-gold and his only daughter. He had enough of gold, yet he never felt satisfied. He constantly prayed to God of Wealth to give him more gold.

One night the God of Wealth appeared before him and said, “My child, I have given you all I could. What more do you want?” “Oh God!” replied the king, “When you are so kind to me, please grant me one boon so that all that I touch may turn into gold.” God granted his prayer at once.

When day broke, he came out of his bed and everything that he touched became shining gold instantly. His joy knew no bounds. His house dazzled and glittered with gold all around.

But troubles started when his touch changed the food and water into gold. He could neither eat nor drink. Thirst and hunger made him feeble, furious and restless. At that time his only daughter came running into his arms. And in a moment, she was changed into a statue of gold.

Poor Midas was mad with grief. He prayed to God, weeping, “Oh God! take back your blessing of ‘golden touch’ and make my daughter come alive.” God then took back the boon. King Midas was happy again. His face beamed with joy.

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