How to write an editorial latter ?

Q: You are in a hostel in a hostel in a mosquito-infested place, where there are open drains, garbage and stagnant water . Write a letter complaining complaining to the civic authorities, so that they may take immediate steps for prevention spread of malaria and other infections. Your letter should include the following points : 

(a) condition of the people

(b) condition of the area

(c) suggestion for prevention

(d) Clearing garbage 



Barasat Govt. School Hostel Barasat

12 March, 2021 The Chairman, 

Barasat Municipality, Barasat, 24 Parganas (North). Sir,

It is with grave concern that I, a boarder of the above-mentioned hostel, would like to draw your attention to the insanitary condition of the area near our hostel. Our hostel is situated in Banamalipur, a mosquito-infested place, under your Municipality. There are open drains, heaps of garbage accumulated here and there and stagnant water in the area. Regretably no step has been taken for clearing the drains and removal of garbage. As a result, the huge heaps of garbage coupled with the filthy water of the dirty drains give out a foul stench and have become the hot-bed for mosquitoes. The mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Encephalitis, Filaria and other infectious diseases may break out and endanger the health of the whole area.

I request you to take urgent steps to prevent the spread of malaria and other infections. I hope that, realising the gravity of the situation, you will take prompt action in the matter in the interest of public health. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Milan Saha

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