Paragraph On Duties Of A Student

Student Duties: This paragraph describes the duties and rules that a student should follow in their daily lives. Patience and discipline are two important habits to cultivate as a student. 

  • Write a paragraph on the duties of a student with the help of the following points:  

Points: Introduction – duties – first one is to study-duties to parents, to country, to society, should try to form good habits, sound health-greater visions-social work – must utilize every minute 

duties of a student paragraph writing

Duties of a Student 

Student life is the time of preparation for the future. It lays the foundation of one’s future career. A student has many duties to perform. The first and foremost duty of a student is to study well and seek knowledge.

The pursuit of knowledge demands hard work and total devotion. A student has duties to his parents and relatives, to his country and to humanity at large. A student should obey and respect his teachers and parents and be guided by their advice. A student should take interest in all the activities that promote his physical health. A student should form good manners and cultivate good habits.

A student should not be a frog in the well but one with visions and ideals. He must take part in social services. This will inculcate in him a humanitarian outlook. A student should utilize every minute for self advancement and laying a strong foundation for a happy future.

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