Leave Of Absence Letter For School Due To Heavy Rainfall

Write (in about 80 words) a letter to the Headmaster/Headmistress of your school stating that you could not attend school the day before owing to heavy shower. or Leave Of Absence Letter For School Due To Heavy Rainfall 






27th Sept., 2022

The Headmistress,

Giribala Sarkar Girls’ School

70B & C Shyampukur Street

Kolkata-700 004


I have the honour to inform you that I am a student of Class IX (Section-B, Roll No.-12) of your school. I regret that I could not attend to my classes yesterday as there was hardly any transport available in my residential area near Thanadar rain in the morning. The roads got totally waterlogged following the continuous rainfall since the previous night and transport system came to a standstill for the time being.

I would request you to kindly consider my unintentional absence taking into account the compulsion of the situation.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully (obediently),

Sharbari Sahana

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