Short Paragraph on Blood Donation camp

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Short Paragraph on Blood Donation camp

Blood donation is not just a donation of any kind but it is such a donation that creates and solidifies new relation and bondage that rouses in one a feeling of love, sympathy, fellow-feeling and humanity.

Initially blood-donation hung on personal or individual level. One used to donate blood only to his acquaintance – near or distant. But now the concept is gone. Blood donation is organised through much campaigning and canvassing through blood donation camps. There not only the donors but also locals and enthusiasts including women and children assemble to encourage the total event. It takes the shape of a great fun-fair. Food-packets, soft drinks and gift-items are given to the donors as a token of gratefulness from the part of the organisers as they have come forward voluntarily on a great humanitarian cause. To cope with the large scale donation of blood the Government has also set up blood-banks and units of blood-banks in different parts of the state for preservation and distribution of blood.

It is unquestionable and undeniable that a drop of blood can save a valuable life. But timely availability of blood is a great problem. If sincere effort is made a donor may be arranged but time factor is a great factor if the patient is in a critical condition. Here lies the importance of preservation of blood by collecting it through blood-donation camps.

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