Satyajit Ray Biography In English 100 Words

Hints: The music composer, the greatest film maker on the basis of the points given below:

Name: Satyajit Ray

Date of Birth: 2nd May, 1921

Place of birth: Garpar in Calcutta Parentage Sukumar Ray (Writer), Suprava Ray

Versatility: Painter, writer, film maker, musician 1955 `Pather Panchali‘, turning point in life. 1957 His second film awarded at the Venice Film Festival 1982 Homage to Satyajit Ray, Cannes Film Festival 1992 Oscar for lifetime achievement, Bharat Ratna Death April 23, 1992 after a three-month battle with cardiac illness.

Satyajit Ray Biography In English 100 words


Satyajit Ray, one of the greatest filmmakers of India was born at Garpar in Calcutta on 2nd May. 1921. The names of his parents were Sukumar Ray and Suprava Ray. Sukumar Ray was famous writer. Satyajit was a versatile genius. Apart from his skill as a film-maker, Satyajit Ray was an accomplished musician, noted writer and an acclaimed painter.

His film ‘Pather Panchali‘ which was released in 1955 was the turning point in his life. In 1957 his second film was awarded in the Venice Film Festival. Cannes Film Festival of 1982 was dedicated as a homage to Satyajit Ray. In 1992 Satyajit Ray was crowned with the prestigious Oscar Award for Lifetime Achievement and he was also honoured with the Bharat Ratna later on The film maestro left us on April, 23, 1992 after a three-month battle with cardiac illness.


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