Q: Write a story with the help of the following outlines

Farmer has a goose—it lays a golden egg everyday-farmer sells the eggs–becomes rich farmer’s wife greedy-suggests that they cut goose open and get all the gold—cut the goose_find nothing-lose the goose and a fortune.


Once there lived a farmer who had a unique goose that used to lay a golden egg everyday. The farmer sold the egg in the market and thus became rich. But the farmer’s wife was greedy. One day she told the farmer, ‘One golden egg does not yield much money. Let’s think about being rich quickly.” The simple farmer wondered and replied, “But how can we be rich quickly? The greedy wife smiled and said, ‘Let’s cut open the goose and take out all the golden eggs that are stored inside.” The farmer was at first hesitant but when his wife insisted him again and again he killed the goose and cut open its belly. But, alas, there was nothing inside. The repentant farmer began to regret over his misfortune of losing the golden egg-laying goose. 

Moral : All covet, all lost/Grasp all, lose all

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