Precis Writing on Importance of change | Precis Writing Examples

Q: Read the following passage carefully and write down a precis  in about 50 words.

 PASSAGE:  Every age is marked by its conflicts and compromises. We live in a great age and have to pay a dear price for that. There has been always an urge for changing the old order and shifting to newer ones when a new age arrives. There is nothing stable and life is always on the flux. We can at most seek for a ‘relative stability and a ‘moving equilibrium’.

Life is a continuous struggle on moral, physical and intellectual planes. It is out of such struggle that new ideas emerge or new things shape themselves. The principle of life is growth. Just imagine if everything becomes static and constant! No, destruction and construction must go side by side. No one should lament when an old order crumbles down because that is normal and a part of life. (137 words approx)

Precis writing on importance of change

PRÉCIS Title: Importance of change 

Change is inherent in nature. Old orders change yielding place to new ones. Without such changes, life will became stagnant because new things come out of these changes. This rule governs all ages, however great those may be.(38 words approx)

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