PRÉCIS writing on Evils of superstitions

PRÉCIS writing on Evils of superstitions


Man started to believe in superstitions when he had an impression that he was threatened by some malign forces of nature. He failed to exercise his rationality and started to worship these forces. The Pagans used to worship every phenomenon of nature. The sun, moon, planetary bodies, trees, rivers were all worshipped because men believed that these could influence life. When people suffered from any disease or were affected by some natural calamity, they said that it was due to the effect of an evil star. They believed in ghosts, but actually they were afraid of darkness. Some numbers like 13 are considered inauspicious. In India, the crossing of a cat while on a journey or sneezing before a departure is treated as ominous. Curd is offered before a journey as it is believed to dispel evil powers. Such beliefs actually have no logic and reveal the weakness of the human heart. Our lives will be on tenterhooks if we go on believing in these ideas.[170 words approx]

PRÉCIS Title: Evils of superstitions 

Man became superstitious when he failed to explain the forces of nature which influence and affect him. He started worshipping those objects to appease their evil powers. There are several superstitions in human society which .came into existence due to human weaknesses. Men become illogical and suffer from indecision when they believe in such superstitions. [57 words approx]

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