Paragraph Writing on Drug Addiction | Problem of Teenager

Hints: A present-day problem-different types of drug-result of addiction-reasons of getting into addiction-measures to be taken by the govt.-expectation from the youth.

Paragraph Writing on Drug Addiction

The problem which has been tormenting the society of today is the addiction of youths towards drugs. This problem is not restricted in India, but it is now a worldwide phenomenon. Drugs like heroin, brownsugar, LSD become a habit to the people who have once tasted it. It not only remains then to the level of the habitual act but also it makes the people its slaves. Then if the youths do not get drugs regularly, they can do anything and everything to get it. This social malady is leading the present generation from the region of light to the Hell of darkness. 

In view of the sociologists, youths turn to these drugs out of frustration. It is true to some extent. There is no light or ideal before this generation-Y; and out of this directionless journey they plunge themselves into the depth of bottomless darkness. Sometimes they try to find a way out from the hard realities. To escape, they often take refuge to drugs. Another opinion says that some young people get addicted to drugs for sheer fun.

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