Notice Writing on School Magazine

Q: Your school has selected you the editor of your school magazine to be published in December. Now, write in about 75 words a notice asking the students to submit manuscripts written legibly on one side of paper.

[The notice should contain: the last date for submission of manuscripts, topics, no. of words, whom to submit, etc.]

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Notice Writing on School Magazine


10th Jun, 2021

The students of this school are hereby informed that our school magazine ‘Bartika’ will be published sometime in December. Interested students are directed to submit original and creative articles, essays, poems etc. to the undersigned within the 10th November, 2021. They should note that the manuscripts must be written legibly on one side of the paper, and the writings must not exceed 500 words.

Countersigned by


Arijit Bose
Magazine Committee
Labanhrad Vidyapith

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