Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends

Q: Let us suppose that Jaya has come to Mandira at Bolepur. Write the dialogue between the two in about 120 words, enquiring about each other and other things when they meet.


Mandira : Hi! Jaya, Welcome to Bolepur. Nice seeing you after a long time. 

Jaya : Thank you. How are you keeping? I hope that you are well. 

Mandira : Well I am fine. How are the members of your family? 

Jaya : Unfortunately, they are not keeping well. Rama is down with a sore throat. 

Mandira : I am sorry to hear that. How did she catch cold? 

Jaya : She got completely drenched in the torrential rains last evening. 

Mandira : Oh! she should have been a little careful. Well, how are Manika and Seema? 

Jaya : They are not also keeping well. Monika is also down with fever and Seema is suffering from a severe backache. 

Mandira : Very sad. Doesn’t Manika have cultural competition next month? 

Jaya : Yes. She is extremely upset as she would be missing some of the rehearsals. 

Mandira : So you are passing through a lot of trouble in the family front. Now, you take proper care of your health too. Take some rest now.

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