Develop the following outline into a story and add a suitable title

Holding a piece of meat in its month a dog wanted to eat it in a quiet place ……it had to cross a stream ……it saw its own reflection……it saw another dog with the same piece of meat…… it wanted to get it…… it barked……the piece of meat fell into the water.


Once upon a time there was a greedy dog. One day he stole a piece of meat out of a butcher’s shop. He wanted to eat it in a quiet and safe place without interruption. Holding the piece of meat in his mouth, he began to run, looking for a safe place and came to a clear stream. There was a narrow wooden bridge over the stream. The dog had to cross the stream to go over to the other side. While crossing the stream across the bridge, he looked below and saw his own reflection in the water.

He took it for another dog with a piece of meat in its mouth. “Ha! that fellow has a chunk of meat in his mouth, too,” he said to himself. Being a greedy dog, he made up his mind to get that piece too. He opened his mouth to snarl and made a grasp for the other dog’s meat. And down fell his own piece of meat into the water and was lost.

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